News and Events

North Island

The Cold Duck Rally .
The Cold Kiwi.
The Cemetery Circuit at Wanganui

South Island

Brass Monkey Motorcycle Rally

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New Zealand is full of clubs and groups who organise events covering rallies, motorcycle meetings, classic events, drag racing, circuit racing, track days, street racing, off road racing, poker runs, charity runs, social events. You name it and it is there.

All we can give is a taste.

North Island

In May each year there is the Cold Duck Rally .

In the first weekend of September each year there is the Cold Kiwi.

In December (Boxing Day) each year there is street racing on the Cemetery circuit at Wanganui.

South Island

There is the Brass Monkey Motorcycle Rally held in Central Otago in June (not the coldest month but not far off). It attracts about 2,000 people from all parts.